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2020 Record sales for Angelantoni Test Technologies

We are closing 2020 with a sales result of +62% in the national market, despite Covid-19 crisis. Excellent performances also in international markets and even record in FAR EAST, with a growth six times higher than the 2019 value.

In a macro-economic context characterized by unprecedented challenges related to Covid-19, Angelantoni Test Technologies, world leader in the design and production of simulated environmental test chambers, confirms itself as a reliable partner for customers and closes 2020 with important sales results, registering +62% in the Italian market and a record performance in the FAR EAST, where it registers a growth even six times higher than the value of 2019. "Despite the unfavorable economic situation, determined by the health emergency which has made almost all markets more insecure and unstable, Angelantoni Test Technologies - declares the CEO Mauro Bisci - has been able to count on a diversified business model and on a wide range of products which, combined with the high flexibility in customization, made us one of the main suppliers able to satisfy even complex needs, reacting in a timely and pragmatic way to the changes imposed by the pandemic ”. The data attest to this: +16% in sales in the aerospace and aeronautics sector, +9% in the electronics sector. Despite being the sector most at risk, even the automotive field held up, where the lower investments in internal combustion engine cars were offset by the excellent performance in the electrification.

"These results - explains Bisci - not only allow us to face current challenges and better orient future strategic choices, but also to seize and guide the transformation opportunities offered by the sustainable growth, one of Angelantoni' s main objectives". Balance therefore, but also new propulsive thrusts that benefit from the company's international vocation, able to close 2020 sales with a new record and three-digit growth, as in UK. In this difficult market, Angelantoni Test Technologies recorded +319% and reinforced its presence thanks to the installation of one of the largest space simulators in Europe built for the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL). Future goals of Angelantoni Test Technologies, says Bisci, are strengthening the company's competitive differentials in the field of innovation and product diversification, the digitization of processes, improving efficiency and increasing the production capacity of the existing plants, consolidating everywhere, especially in the markets where the company has its own branches, improving ACS Brand positioning.

“I am very satisfied - concludes Gianluigi Angelantoni, President of the Company - that we have managed to achieve this significant growth in sales, thus gaining new market shares. The dedication and professionalism of our team and commercial network - thanks to their deep knowledge of products and markets - contributed to this success, showing character and consistency in such a global challenging and unprecedented moment. It is not easy to predict what will happen in the coming months, but we look to the future with the awareness that our solidity and experience are factors tallowing us to face any new challenges that the long wave of the pandemic could reserve us".