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  • Preventive maintenance contracts.
  • Calibration and certification of chamber instrumentation with primary instruments certified by ACCREDIA (Italy).
  • Supply of replacement parts and consumables (delivery of replacement parts for standard chambers within 48 hours from the request anywhere in the country).
  • Recovery of refrigerant gases and fluids (Italy).
  • MyAngel24™ remote service system
  • Updating of the chamber management and control system used by the customer.


  • Corrective maintenance.
  • Installation and testing.
  • Retrofit and overhauling of environmental chambers.
  • Adaptation of refrigeration systems with eco-friendly gases.
  • Moving of prefabricated and accessible chambers.
  • Purchase, overhaul and resale of used chambers
  • Training courses.
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ACS preventive maintenance and service contracts offer customers the most important and most requested services at fixed and discounted prices and with personalized payments. These offer many benefits to the customer:

  • More time to devote to core business
  • Better financial planning
  • Greater value for your product
  • Quick and effective repairs
  • Service

    The service agreement provides personalized services based on the specific requests of the customer and their equipment inventory, together with any discounts on replacement parts and various rates.

  • Maintenance

    Three types of maintenance contracts are available, devised for every need: Silver, Gold and Platinum/Full Risk. If the customer’s needs do not fall within this range, ACS will be pleased to develop a tailor-made contract.


With the aim of continuous improvement and in response to the current and future needs of its customers, ACS has developed an online diagnostic and interactive service system that allows the management and monitoring of its test chambers from any place, at any time, using any device.

  • MyAngel24™

    MyAngel24™ is the online system for diagnostics and interactive service on ACS climatic chambers from any place, at any time, using any device.

    The system includes important services devised for the customer, such as the automatic sending of reports on ACS chamber activities, self-diagnosis and monitoring of wear on the main components for preventive maintenance.

    MyAngel24™ is included in the MyKratos™ control software, and can also be purchased separately as a remote service kit for compatible chambers not equipped with MyKratos™.

    The ACS chambers with MyKratos™ software are equipped with MyAngel24™ - already embedded in the machine - which can be activated on request.

    Customers can activate or deactivate at any time the MyAngel24™ connection with Angelantoni servers via the local ACS chamber panel or remotely.

Others services

  • Calibration and certifications

    We perform the calibration service with instruments certified by ACCREDIA, the Italian Accreditation Body.

    Upon completion of the service, the calibration certificate is issued together with a copy of the ACCREDIA certification of the sample instrumentation.

  • Recovery of refrigerant gases

    ACS offers its services as a reliable and competitive partner in the recovery of refrigerant gases and fluids, as well as in the decontamination of refrigeration systems and recharging with eco-friendly gases.


Anticipating our customers’ needs. Sharing their aspirations for efficiency. Supporting each customer’s projects with discreet but constant support. Guaranteeing rapid service in any location. This has always been the philosophy behind all ACS customer support services, which have reached the highest level through digital technology and My™ services.


In addition to the 4 subsidiaries in France, Germany, India and China, ACS customers can count on the commercial and technical support of the staff at highly qualified and specialized companies in more than 40 countries on every continent.

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